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What is acrylic latex paint

The word "latex" refers to rubber in one form or another. However, many so- called latex paints use resins that are not latex, which has led the industry towards. Some of the problems that occur in the aftermath of using acrylic latex paint will make it an inappropriate option for a number of household tasks. Acrylic latex paint is one of the highest quality latex paints available. May 09,  · The acrylic paint contracts and expands better than the latex paint because of this elasticity. The acrylic paint is more durable as it resists flaking, chalking, and peeling. Unlike latex paints, acrylic is flammable as they have chemical compounds in them/5(21). What is the Difference Between Acrylic and Latex Paint Most homeowners are torn between using acrylic or latex paint when remodeling their home. For a start, the two types of paint are the only ones that are allowed for insured homes because they are not highly flammable like oil based paint. Acrylic paints are more durable, resilient and more expensive paints. They thin with water, clean up with water, just as latex (as in the house paint sold by the gallon at Home Depot or Lowes) but just as mentioned by others, latex paints are mixed down using vinyls, making them .
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