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  • 27.05.2010
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Bubbles in vagina

There is usually some air in the vagina, but vaginal gas may occur when larger pockets or bubbles become stuck and slowly squeak out. Maybe you don't pay close attention to your vagina, but there are a right?) or bubble baths can affect where your vagina lies on the pH scale. The excess discharge also makes my vagina sore. The bubble feeling tends to get worse when I urinate and just before my period is due and I. Sep 20,  · For the past couple of months I've been experiencing an air bubble sort of feeling inside my vagina. I know its not a queef because I experience this problem at least 20 time a day. It feels as if my juice's form into a little bubble and I have to wiggle my legs around in order for it to pop but it always comes back a couple minutes japanesepornstar.infoers: 4. Just silent air bubbles. It's a lot of fun cause I keep squeezing my legs together afraid my vagina is going to fart in public and then going to the bathroom to check if I'm leaking fluid/wondering if my water is leaking- but nope it's just air bubbles that seem to be leaking out of my vagina. Air/Gas bubbles in the vagina? Sely. Over the last few months I've found that I've become uncomfortable - for some strange reason, it feels like there are air or gas bubbles sitting in my vaginal canal. I am 22 and only 'active' with myself currently. I have not gained or lost any weight or had any other health concerns.
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