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  • 01.07.2010
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Baby biting bottom lip

Almost every baby bites their lips or knuckles at some stage of their life. Many babies bite or suck on their lower lips as a replacement when. While seeing your baby suddenly start sucking on their bottom lip is upsetting, it is important to know that it is a common behavior among infants. I am here to assure you that your baby sucking his bottom lip is probably nothing serious at all and, most often times, just a behavior that he will. Lip biting in an infant would likely be related to the position of his upper and lower dental arch. If the lower jaw is significantly smaller than the upper there is an anatomical positioning of the upper arch over the lower lip that looks like biting. This would be genetic and . Dec 25,  · Its very abnormal to have to hold her. She is a pretty good sleeper and will sleep on her own. Then today she has been fussy all day. Getting worse as it has gone on. Checked her temp again, still normal. She recently started biting her bottom lip and gum all of a sudden today and would whine threw a closed mouth. My almost 4 month old (on the 30th) just started a new weird habit. He started sucking his bottom lip in, so it looks all tucked under the top lip. the day I felt tooth buds on her top gums. I think she is biting down on her lip to help ease the teething pain. her top gums she stopped crying and she keeps trying to bite down on my thumb.
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