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Lycopodium mature stem

The species of Lycopodium are world-wide in distribution. A transverse section of the mature stem of Lycopodium clavatum shows the following structures. A transverse section (T.S.) of the stem of Lycopodium is somewhat circular in outline . a large number of spores are produced inside each mature sporangium. These are modified lateral branches which develop on the stem apex in the axils of mature prothalli (singular prothallus) may be distinguished in Lycopodium. Reproductive morphology of the lycophytes. Lycophyte sporangia are stalked and kidney-shaped, as in the zosterophyllophytes. In the earliest lycophyte groups, such as the Asteroxylales, the sporangia are oriented across the leaf, so that the widest dimension of the . The stem in almost all the species is delicate and weak. Some species are epiphytic and with erect or pendant sporophytes while other species are terrestrial and have a trailing habit. The stem and its branches are densely covered with small leaves. Lycopodium phlegmaria is an epiphytic species. Lycopodium. They are flowerless, vascular, terrestrial or epiphytic plants, with widely branched, erect, prostrate or creeping stems, with small, simple, needle-like or scale-like leaves that cover the stem and branches thickly. The leaves contain a single, unbranched vascular strand and Class: Lycopodiopsida.
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