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  • 21.09.2010
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Peeing bed as an adult

Find out what may be causing you to wet the bed when you're an adult and what you can do to treat it. Adult bed-wetting once or twice isn't typically cause for concern, but if it's a recurring issue, it's important to find out the underlying cause. As many as Americans struggle with adult bedwetting. Learn what causes adult bedwetting, how to diagnose it, and what you can do to stop it. Jan 09,  · It always starts with a dream that I am with some people but them I have to go to have a wee in the toilet. I actually see myself opening the toilet door and sitting in the toilet. Then while I sit and pee, it does not seem right and seems like I am in bed. The I wake up in the middle of peeing and my bed and pajamas will be japanesepornstar.infos: It's worth noting that bedwetting in adults is actually different than what children go through. And while that might not remove the embarrassment, you must know that nocturnal enuresis is involuntary and not your fault. To fully understand the how and why you may be experiencing adult bedwetting, a quick anatomy refresher course could be helpful. The problem is not about the dreams causing the adult bet wetting experience but the fact that your body is not able to wake up to the urgency to urinate. Dealing with Dreams about Peeing and Actually Peeing in Bed.
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