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  • 13.01.2010
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Thermal wire stripper

This thermal wire stripper is a small, lightweight, low power line operated wire stripping tool which far surpasses all previous devices in safety, versatility and. The Hakko FT Thermal Wire Stripper is ergonomically designed and can be used on a variety of insulated wires, including Teflon. Its compact design is perfect to minimize workbench space. FT Station with Hot Knife Handpiece. We carry a variety of thermal wire strippers from top brands including Hakko, American Beauty and more. Shop the full line today. PTS thermal wire stripper is a low power line operated tool, which far surpass all previous devices in safety, versatility, speed and japanesepornstar.info: $ Western Electronic Products Thermal Wire Stripper Model F (TESTED WORKING). This item is to be installed and maintained by qualified individuals. We claim no expertise in the use of this item. We accept no responsibility on the correct/incorrect application or installation of this item. Thermal wire strippers will remove Teflon, Kapton, Kynar, nylon & neoprene insulation without damage to the conductor. Strip single-strand, multi-strand and shielded wire. Wire strippers are available as handheld tools or larger wire stripping units for production line applications.
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