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  • 12.01.2010
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My wife wants to be spanked

She may well be searching for a catharsis that will help her purge deep-seated emotional turmoil. A spanking or a whipping can do that. It can actually be very. SHE than tells me that she would like to try using spanking as a corrective measure to things that "SHE" feels she could improve. We scheduled. she doesn't say anything cause she wants you to decide. just start with a warm up then go on to the implements the problem most men have is. A Wife's Erotic Spanking When we have time, my wife loves it when I tell her to come up to the bedroom, where I've put a straight-back chair in the middle of the room. first one cheek, then the other. She cries out as I spank her, but I know this is what she wants, and I still find myself amazed at how much it's me giving her what she. Apr 13,  · How To Properly Spank Your Wife! Posted on 04/13/ by [email protected] I want my husband to feel comfortable that I want this and safe in making it part of our life all the time. I just don’t know how to do that with the stigma surrounding such a marriage these days. Apr 26,  · My Wife Asked Me to Spank Her (This story took place 12 years ago) After 10 years of marriage, my beautiful wife, Angie, had become a little bored with our usual routine. We had about 5 positions that we would normally cycle through. We both love to give and receive oral sex. We both enjoyed her on top either facing away or facing towards me.
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