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  • 24.03.2010
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Dog licked frontline

Dog licked frontline which was on other dogs back. Is there any danger? Gave him some milk and keeping eye on him. Is - Answered by a. Frontline Plus is a drop-type topical flea treatment applied monthly between Dogs are always licking something, including their medicine if they can reach it. I recently got a dog and I figured since it's spring now, I should get him some flea/ tick medication. I live in the northeast where ticks/lymes. Dec 07,  · Frontline, a common flea preventative that disrupts flea neural receptors, is a suspected carcinogen and endocrine disruptor that can be toxic to the nervous system if ingested. It can also cause less serious side effects in dogs, such as irritation at the spot of application, diarrhea, vomiting and Author: Melinda Weaver. The recommended application spot for Frontline is a place where the cat cannot lick, such as the base of the back of the head. Unfortunately, with almost otherworldly contortion abilities, she may reach it anyway. If your cat manages to ingest the medication, the side effects are usually mild. There are a range of Frontline products suitable for cats and dogs that can be applied either monthly or bi-monthly. The dosage for dogs is dependent on the dog’s weight. The treatment comes in pipettes which is squeezed through your pet’s hair directly onto their skin between the shoulder blades where it can’t be licked.
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