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  • 08.02.2010
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How to masturbate on your period

Masturbation—touching yourself for sexual pleasure—is normal behavior and can lead to orgasm. The belief that sexual behavior must be avoided while menstruating is unfounded—there is nothing “dirty” or dangerous about menstrual blood. The endorphins released by orgasms may help. Some women feel a special type of arousal during periods. Why not use it to its full potential then? Learn all about masturbating during periods and explore your . Hormonal changes, plus natural lube (that's period blood), lead some people to have intense orgasms on their period — so masturbate away. Aug 18,  · Ok, there’s honestly different ways to masturbate. Most girls stick things inside of their vaginas but I don’t. I think that hurts. What I do is rub my crotch and push on it for a little while and that gets me an orgasm. I’ve heard of people who m. Well, I'm 12 and I just started my period for this month. I really want to masterbate but I dont know if it's a good idea. If it's ok, how should I do it? Thank This topic is answered by a medical expert. Beyond the fact that being able to satisfy yourself (regardless of the time of the month) is extremely empowering, masturbating is an exceptional way to de-stress, and masturbating during your period is no different. Nevertheless, we understand that masturbation and periods (and masturbating during your period) are sensitive subjects that you.
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