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  • 14.01.2010
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I like small boobs

Do like men small boobs? We scoured through scientific evidence to find the cold -hard truth. Do men like small boobs? We went straight to the source and found out the truth about whether small boobs turn men on. A couple months ago in Moscow, a billboard featuring giant breasts caused more than car accidents. Nobody was seriously injured, but it. Nov 10,  · Small boobs go hand-in-hand with thinness, so, therefore, there’s a preference for skinny, small-boobed women. This is more about culture than biology. In fact, it’s even been suggested that males who like small-boobed women are more sophisticated, as mentioned above in a japanesepornstar.info: Pearl Nash. Dec 19,  · Why Do Some Guys Prefer Small Breasts? Here’s Every Scientific Theory For certain men, less is more. And it may be evolution at work. predict what kind of boobs they like. Related: small teen small tits mature young flat chested mature small tits tits young girl small penis small ass small tits blonde natural tits chubby small tits japanese small tits daddy small tits pov flat chested teen saggy perky tits.
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