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  • 20.09.2010
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Kitten anus protruding

Anal or rectal prolapse is a condition in which one or more layers of the cat's rectum are displaced through the anus, the opening which allows digestive waste to. Young kittens are the most at risk of developing a protruding rectum. Kittens under six months are more susceptible to parasites, which can cause straining. Tiny Marlin: the heart of a lion, the butt of a mouse. (Photo he was backed up so substantially that I feared he would prolapse, or worse -- die. Jul 19,  · My large black kitten has always had soft stools and then I noticed the protruding rectum (he came up and showed it to me). Not knowing what to do I did the most obvious I smoothed petroleum jelly on it with a tissue, pop it went back in. I think it may be a kitten thing but I still see it sometimes and wipe over it again. My kitten is as happy as can be, very playful but has a swollen, reddish, protruding sore anus. The problem started shortly after introducing her to solid food. I suspect she may have been too young or possibly the food did not agree with her. She was definitely ready to start eating and is still. I have a new kitten, it was a rescue. The anus of the cat is swollen and red. It has even looked "neon" red after a stool. It makes no cry's when it goes to the bathroom, but looks like it must hurt. I don't think the cat is more than a month old. Other than the retal area, it acts completely normal. Also, its stools are not loose, they look.
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