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  • 24.03.2010
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Iodine for breast cysts

The incidence of breast cancer with distant involvement at diagnosis is increasing in young women, age , possibly at an accelerating rate. Can J Surg. Oct;36(5) Iodine replacement in fibrocystic disease of the breast. Ghent WR(1), Eskin BA, Low DA, Hill LP. Author information. Iodine is an important trace mineral for breast health and incredibly Mineral That Shrinks Fibroadenomas, Lumps, Cysts and Tumors. “Iodine. I guess it’s safe to say I’ve been a bit iodine deficient. Anyway, I also started taking another natural liquid form of iodine as well. It’s been about 2 months and my breasts are no longer sore and all the lumps and bumps are gone. I got some essential oils for breast massage as well from the . Iodine, Fibrocystic Breast Disease and Cancer. And, especially, there are warnings that people will become sick with Hashimoto’s disease if they take iodine. In regards to breast cysts, I find that cysts only disappear if I continue with a daily regimen of 5 drops of iodine. If there are several weeks/months with no iodine, the. Iodine Healing Effect On Cysts. Breast, ovarian, and skin cysts ­ In addition to fixing almost all cases of breast cysts, iodine also has a remarkable healing effect on ovarian cysts, and even on skin cysts. (For the latter, I recommend rubbing in iodine right over the cyst.).
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