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  • 10.01.2010
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Asian economic miracle

The Four Asian Tigers, Four Asian Dragons or Four Little Dragons are the economies of Hong Prior to the Asian financial crisis, the growth of the Four Asian Tiger economies (commonly referred to as "the Asian Miracle") has been. Eight countries in East Asia–Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia–have become known as the “East Asian miracle” because of their economies’ dramatic growth. In these eight countries real per capita GDP rose twice as fast as in any. But for me and people like me, the East Asian economic miracle poses a serious challenge: the greatest anti-poverty program in history. Economic growth has become much more modest since the late s. A key factor to understand this new environment is the rise of China, offering the same conditions that made possible, 40 years ago, the Taiwan Miracle (a quiet political and social environment, cheap and educated workers, absence of independent trade unions).Traditional Chinese: 臺灣奇蹟. The East Asian miracle: economic growth and public policy: Main report (English) Abstract. The report examines the public policies of 8 high-performing Asian economies (HPAEs) from to It seeks to uncover the role those policies played in the dramatic economic growth, improved human welfare, and more equitable income distribution. The post-war Asian economic miracle has come as a great shock to the economics profession. In my review of the top-ten textbooks (Economics on Trial, Irwin, ), few economists tell the wonders of Japanese prosperity and none reveals the secrets of the Four Tigers (Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, and Taiwan) or the newly industrialized economies (Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand).Author: Mark Skousen.
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