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  • 04.05.2010
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Can drinking wine cause breast cancer

Can as little as one alcoholic drink a day raise your breast cancer risk? it's the ethanol or alcohol in beer, wine and liquor that causes increased cancer risk. Research consistently shows that drinking alcoholic beverages -- beer, wine, and Alcohol can increase levels of estrogen and other hormones associated with. Does wine increase the likeliness of breast cancer? A recent study looked at moderate drinkers alcohol intake and correlated it to their study revealed different findings which could have lead to a different conclusion. Mar 17,  · March 17, -- A new study continues to link drinking alcohol -- especially wine -- to an increase in breast cancer risk. Researchers in Sweden found that women who drank Author: Salynn Boyles. Feb 04,  · After all, chief medical officer Sally Davies has said that she thinks about the risk of breast cancer every time she has a glass of wine – and the inference of what she says is that the risks Author: Joanna Moorhead. Jan 15,  · You can’t help your age or choose your parents but you can be physically active, not smoke and drink alcohol sensibly. While alcohol does appear to mildly increase the risk of breast cancer, wine may not affect risk or may even decrease the risk. Talk to your health care provider about your breast cancer risk and appropriate screening. There are so many things out there that may be .
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