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Striped basilisk lizard

The brown basilisk (Basiliscus vittatus), also commonly referred to as the striped basilisk or in some areas as the common basilisk, is a species of basilisk lizard. Basiliscus is a genus of large corytophanid lizards, commonly known as basilisks , which are meaning "little king". The specific epithet, vittatus, which is Latin for " striped", was given in Carl Linnaeus' 10th edition of Systema Naturae. One of our most common neighborhood lizards is the Basilisk lizard, also called Jesus Christ Lizard because of it´s ability to run short distances. STRIPED BASILISKS One of our most common and certainly the most striking of our lizards is the Striped Basilisk, BASILISCUS VITTATUS. Each morning as I pass to and from the reserve a certain inch male suns himself atop the stump of a Guamuch tree next to a peacefully flowing, shaded canal. That's him above. Basilisks have their own lizard. Basiliscus amoratus is a fictional basilisk lizard invented by Michael Crichton in the Jurassic Park novel. Martin "Marty" Guitierrez 'identifies' the lizard (actually a Procompsognathus) that attacked Tina Bowman as a Basiliscus amoratus. According to Dr. Guitierrez, the lizard can be found in . Mar 29,  · One of the coolest and most confiding reptiles I’ve encountered in the tropics is the Striped Basilisk Lizard (Basiliscus vittatus).This remarkable little monster is also known as the Brown Basilisk, but it shares a more glamorous nickname and ability with other lizards in its japanesepornstar.info: Mike.
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